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About our Savage Men Male Strip Show

Savage Men is an entertainment production company that caters first class variety shows for female audiences. Our male strip shows are choreographed by professionals and designed to please the toughest of female crowds. You can visit our clubs in Atlantic City, New York, New Jersey, Philadelphia and Florida.

The Savage Men strip clubs are world class venues where the audience can enjoy sexy performances, interact with the friendly cast, dance to carefully selected music and have a memorable fun night. The Savage Men male strip show is the ultimate spot for bachelorette parties, birthday celebrations or a wild girls' night out.

A mix of hot exotic dancers and burlesque production, our Strip Show is an exciting Magic Mike style experience. While these sexy dancers will get your wild side going, our hosts will get you laughing and make sure you have a great time.

What to Expect From the Savage Men Strip Show

The Savage Men experience starts from the moment you walk into our club. Handsome approachable men will be there to greet you, take pictures and entertain your party. Plus, there are plenty of pre-show activities to get you in the mood for a seductive male strip show.

Our sexy male strippers are models, actors and singers who are not only gorgeous, but also great dancers and amazing performers. The Savage Men experience will surely get your temperature rising and give you and your girlfriends a night to remember.

Many of our venues offer special packages to improve your male revue experience. Book in advance for VIP booths, bottle services, a stage seat and even a lap dance from our savages male strippers.

Get your tickets now and prepare for a wild night out worth remembering.

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