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Male Strippers Atlantic City        

Savage Men Atlantic City Male Strip Club at Caesars Resort

The Savage Men male strip club is located within the Dusk Night Life Complex inside Caesar's Casino. We are known nationally for being one of the top Magic Mike style clubs in the country. Our Atlantic City Male Strip Club is the place to be when you are in the mood for handsome, chiseled male strippers who know how to entertain a female crowd. Savage Men is widely recognized for being the best Atlantic City Magic Mike style show for ladies.

Our upscale male strip club is spacious and ultra modern,a great spot to enjoy the spectacular multi-dancer ensemble. Plus, if the hottest Atlantic City Male Strippers are not enough reason to enjoy the show, our hilarious hosts will make sure your experience is one to talk about for days. Do we have your attention yet? Great! Because the Savage Men Strip Club is ready for a fun and wild audience. Please click on our FAQ below to view comparison information about competitor offers, venues and shows.

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Need Another Reason to Visit the Savage Men Club?

You'll get 1 Free Drink per Ticket and enjoy the night inside a safe Casino location. Avoid the heat, cold, wind and rain. Complimentary $25 ticket to Dusk Nightclub & Retro's 80's club after the show.

Atlantic City Male Strip Club Tickets

FREE VIP After Party for All. You get 1 FREE $25 admission ticket and a FREE Drink at Dusk Nightclub in Caesars Casino for every Savage Men ticket purchase. The club is an amazing Atlantic City location for bachelorette parties with a real New York City nightlife vibe. You will also get Free admission to RETRO, Dusks 80's theme nightclub.

All VIP ticket holders of 5 and more can get a free VIP Booth if any are available at no additional cost. Bare in mind that we have 6 booths available per show, so get there early to claim yours. If you wish to not wait you can purchase 1 in advance for only $100. Please select this under Packages below.

General Admission $28 in Advance / $35 at the door.
VIP Admission $48 in Advance / $55 at the door.

VIP Group Rates
Limited time offer. Free Hot Seat and Photo with every VIP Group purchase. Valid if purchased between August 20th and August 27th 2015. You must call our office to redeem this offer at 888-5-Savage.

VIP Group Discount 1: Includes seating up to 5 people only $195 ($240 Value)
VIP Group Discount 2: Includes seating up to 10 people only $399 ($480 Value)
VIP Group Discount 3: Includes seating up to 15 people only $585 ($720 Value)
VIP Group Discount 4: Includes seating up to 20 people only $780 ($960 Value)

Can't Make it to the Atlantic City Male Strip Show? Rent a Savage for Your Private Party!

More Reasons to Come to our Atlantic City Male Strip Club
Add some of our special features to your party and bring your Atlantic City male stripper experience to the next level. Click on our FAQ below for additional information.

1. Hot Seat $50 - The hot seat is perfect for bachelorette or birthday parties. Your special guest will be brought on stage to be part of our featured acts. Think of the great photo moments you'll get to share. A Hot Seat is not an admission ticket.

2. Princess Package $75 - Includes a Hot Seat, Lap Dance and a photo at the end of the show with your guest and the Savage Men. Perfect for reliving her last night out years down the road. We provide the photo, sharing it is up to you.

3. VIP Booth $100 - We only have 6 booths each night. Purchase one in advance to secure yours today. Make your bachelorettes or birthday girls night out extra special. You must first purchase VIP tickets before purchasing a booth. General admission wrist bands are not allowed into the VIP areas. If any part of your party purchases General tickets they must upgrade to VIP to sit in a VIP booth. Patrons that remove their wrist bands will be ejected from the strip club.

4. Bottle Service $149 - We only offer 6 of these Special Bottle Service Offers per show. Please call our office in advance to book this special offer. Get your party started with 1 bottle of Absolut,1 bottle of rose champagne and all mixers and juices. This does not include red bull.


Q. What makes your venue and show different from other Male Revues in Atlantic City?
Our venue is located in a large casino. The venue and show quality has been approved and endorsed. We are also listed on Caesars Casino web site as a featured attraction. Other venues and shows operate without any quality control. Most of the time what they advertise and what you really get are totally different.

A: The Savage Men Atlantic City Male Strip Club has over 1 million dollars in sound equipment, video and theatrical lighting effects. The venue is located in a safe and comfortable casino with indoor valet or self parking. You can also access the Caesars Pier Shop Mall just steps away from our venue were you will find shopping and an entire level of restaurants overlooking the ocean. Savage Men also has over 15 professional male dancers, male strippers, singers, comedians and celebrity hosts.

B: Hunko*** has a location in which they falsely advertise as being at 1300 Boardwalk. 1300 Boardwalk is a life guard post and not a club. If you knew in advance that they were trying to trick you with a false location how do you think the rest of their deals might turn out?

They are not on the Boardwalk but on a side street called South Carolina Ave inside a nude female strip club called Stilletos. They perform a show once per week if at all. The venue holds seated around 60 people and the rest have to stand. The side street is not well lit and is known for drug related criminal activity. There is very little if any street parking and patrons have to fight for cabs after the show with the men departing the female side of Stilletos. Patrons are subject to weather conditions such as rain, heat, snow, wind and cold. Their staff also has no quality control and the performances are armature at best. Their staff is self trained without any professional choreography or emcee training.

What kind of Press does Savage Men have in Atlantic City and how do other venues compare?
A: Savage Men is widely recognized by all press and media in Atlantic City as has been reviewed by reporters who in turn continue to write amazing articles about the club and company. You can view these write ups online.

1. DOAC - Atlantic City Visitors Authority gave us 5 stars and our page under Atlantic City Male Strip Clubs on the DOAC web site.

2. Atlantic City Weekly - Atlantic City's Entertainment newspaper has had staff visit our strip club numerous times during each season. They also created a Savage Men page under Best Atlantic City Bachelorette Party Ideas.

3. Press of Atlantic City - Also awarded Savage Men as best Girls Night Out and wrote several amazing articles on the strip show.

4. The Travel Channel - Scoured the USA to find the best Magic Mike type venues and shows. They rated Savage Men one of the top 5 male revues in America after visiting our Atlantic City venue several times.

B: Hunko**** - Will not let the press come anywhere near their show location because it would uncover the truth about their true location and that their venue, show quality and structure is not the one they describe in any of their advertisements. If this is revealed no one will come. Honestly once you go and realize you have been conned, you will never go back anyway.

Q. How do your ticket offers differ from the competition?
A: Our Atlantic City strip club prices start at $28 and are loaded with free perks like; 1 free drink, 1 Free admission to Dusk Night Club, 1 Free Admission into Retro's 80's club and 20% discounts on select hotel room rates and off restaurants. When you pay $28 for your ticket after our free drink ($8.50) your admission really costs you $19.50. Now if you go to one of the after party clubs and redeem the free admission tickets (normally $20) your admission goes to $0. All of the other hotel and restaurant discounts are icing on the cake. We also have 375 seats at our venue.

B: Hunko**** ticket prices start at $25 and have zero perks. Drinks also start at $10 each and are served in small plastic cups. They will also use cheap car salesman tricks to lure you into buy now or lose your seats. If you decline they will even throw in a 10% off deal so you do not hang up. To be honest they are never sold out and this is just a pressure tactic to get you to panic buy. The room they use inside of Stilletos is double the size of a normal living room and nothing what you would expect. All of the advertising male dancer and show images they depict as their Atlantic City male revue is from their New York location only. Even the male dancers pictures on their site are all from NY.

Q. How do your Packages differ from the Competition?
A: We have reasonably priced discounted group rates and coupled with all of the free perks make this one of the best All in One Girls Night Out deals in Atlantic City. Our VIP discounted rates and packages are much lower in cost but higher in quality than our competitors.

B: Hunko*** tickets appear to be cheaper but after you enter and buy your first drink the price jumps from $25 to $35 where as at Savage Men the price goes down to $19.50 plus you are in a safe and secure weather resistant casino with plenty of taxi services waiting. At Stilletos you will wait in the wind, cold and rain being harassed by bums and drug dealers while fighting drunk bachelor party members coming out of the female strip club side for a cab. These conditions are not worth your frustration, aggravation or safety.

Q. One of those other shady companies offered us champagne in their package. This thought sounds amazing and I like the image of being served champagne. How do you compare?
Yes, they will offer you a cheap $6 bottle of barely drinkable champagne in little plastic cups as a ploy for a quick sale but their overall package prices are so much more expensive plus they are in a horrible location with armature dancers and a show that is poorly put together. If you are in charge of organizing the party and come here your friends will probably block you from Facebook, delete your phone number and then get totally obliterated to erase from their mind the hole in the wall you dragged them into.

Q. Do you have any bottle service packages?
Yes, we have an amazing offer. For only $150 you will get 1 bottle of Vodka, 1 Bottle of Premium Champagne and all the mixers presented in a silver plated bottle service bucket. You will also have a waitress taking care of your section.

Q. We cannot make it to the Male Review. Can we hire a male dancer to come to our hotel?
Yes, we have the best Caucasian, black, Spanish, Asian and European male strippers in Atlantic City. All of our staff work at our male strip club so they are professionally trained and in great shape. Plus at only $150 for up to 1 hour we have also the best rate in New Jersey. Our male exotic dancers are literally minutes away from your location. Other companies will have their dancers drive far distances to get to your location and most of the time the price will be higher because of this. You might also have to face the frustration of your dancer being an hour or more late, cranky and not what you expected. Why gamble with the frustration when Savage Men has great quality dancers at an unbeatable price.


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